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Looking for information on James ML


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Hello everyone.


I am trying to restore a James ML.


Can anyone tell me what taillight(s) were used? I hope it is some common Lucus part!


I am sure I will have more questions as I get into it. Thanks!


Mine has got one like this on it.


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You rock!


Thank you very much!


So far I know I am missing:


Air Filter

Side/Center Stand

Shift Knob (I have the lever)

Rod that connects engine to shift lever

Foot pegs

Lever that releases the handle bar


Will need petcock or rebuild kit.

1 spoke (it has 36 spoke wheels)

Brake rod



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We call those "Fag End Lamps" Officially they are L-WD-MCT1-V6 which is:- Lucas- War Dept- Motor Cycle Type 1- 6 volts. whew!

The ones on ebay are a bit cheap and cheerful but will do till you find an original.......Which is now getting quite hard to find and usually expensive.


Again Terry Robberts at Metal Magic makes various parts for ML's and Fleas, including foot pegs. Ron

Lightweights 268.jpg

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