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MB replacement panels


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I'm in the process of starting a restoration on my 45MB and am looking for the best possible repair panels for the Jeep. Don't really want to fit the MD Juan parts and have been searching through the G503. Found Midwest Military, in the States who do repair panels and they seem to get a good name, however after speaking to someone on the G503 they mentioned panels that are made here in England as being amongst the best. Can anyone clarify this and is it the guy who advertises on ebay under the name of 'Lambrettahouse'?

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Not so much a reply but a request for the same info.


we've just arranged to buy an MB and it'll certainly need some welding/repair panels. As one of the panels I'll need is a rear panel, I'd also seen the ones listed on ebay. Other needs possibly include a front wing (original very dented) and possibly a grill, although that might repair.


I'm sure there will be more parts and more questions required :-)

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An example from Dallas Auto Parts - "MB GPW or M201 Composite wheel housing and tool box assembly, Excellent quality item made in Zintec steel. UK manufactured to the highest standards. Correct one piece welded seat bracket, comes complete with seat fixing springs. Tool box lock bracket welded in place. Reverse engineered from original samples"



I'm not a Jeep owner, so hopefully other people will be able to tell you how good or otherwise the panels are.

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I believe the panels now being sold by Dallas Autos are the Lambrettahouse panels, as sold directly by them on ebay.

And, yes, they are good quality.


Also, they are the panels that several of the guys on the G503 have started using, and recommend.

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The panels that are advertised by Lambrettahouse on the auction site are made in house by them and are a top quality, perfect fit and rust proofed. They may cost a little more than the foreign repro's but the fitting times to your existing tub will be quicker and look better, unless you have a repro tub your fixing up;).



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