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  1. Hi, I believe the panels now being sold by Dallas Autos are the Lambrettahouse panels, as sold directly by them on ebay. And, yes, they are good quality. Also, they are the panels that several of the guys on the G503 have started using, and recommend.
  2. Hi Michael, you have a PM. Cheers, Simon P.
  3. Glad to hear the truck has been found in good order. :-)
  4. Thank you Jack and all those who helped, and worked hard to make the weekend work, I enjoyed it despite the weathers best efforts to spoil things. :-):-):-):-)Cheers!:-):-):-):-)
  5. Hi, A big THANKYOU! to the cookhouse team for all their hard work over the weekend (and they still have tomorrow to do). :-):yay::-)
  6. Hi, The latest forecast isn't looking too bad for the weekend. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/sw/dorchester_forecast_weather.html
  7. Hello everyone, I've had an interest in military vehicles all my life, but due to the bank manager insisting I pay him back, I'm restricted to just one vehicle, my Land Rover 90. It might not be what some people class as historic, but I love it and it gets me around the country. Cheers, Simon P.:cheesy:
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