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Strange Abbreviation?


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I have been studying a hand written transcript, done many years ago, of some Matchless factory records from the 1960s relating to Home Office/War Office/Ministry of Supply orders for Matchless motorcycles and come across a strange abbreviation.


Most of the records relate to orders from either the Ministry of Supply, noted as MOS or War Office, noted as WO. But a few dozen are noted a MOA? Has anyone come across this abbreviation relating to a department connected to the Home Office etc.


Surely it can't be the Ministry of Agriculture? What would they have wanted 30 or so motorcycles for?


Could be a typo but... Any ideas?

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Ministry of Aviation


Thank you for that, having 'Googled' Ministry of Aviation I see it was established in 1959, taking some of the Ministry of Supply tasks on. The motorcycles I was looking at were all ordered new in 1960 so that ties in. Having re-checked my records I see that only 12 machines were actually ordered by the MoA, all in February 1960 (sorry for the previous error). I have to say I was not aware that the Air Ministry (or RAF ?) were issued with Matchless motorcycles of this period. However, as it was only 12 machines, maybe they were intended for Air Ministry Dispatch Rider use?


I have duplicated this post in the Motorcycle section of the Forum to see if anyone has more information.

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