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Hello from the Desert Southwest


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Not sure how I ended up here ( But GLAD I did!!)

I am a model maker from the Desert Southwest in New Mexico,USA

I create and design card models of unique vehicles, such as the Scammell Pioneer SV2S, and since I like to include as much detail as possible, this sight is PERFECT! :cheesy:

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Thanks for the welcome!

I am retired, but was in the US Navy "Sea Bees" for many years, then as a collage assistant professor, followed by the automotive industry testing all the safety devices you are just now seeing on the market. I am including a Polish PN1-5 utility trailer as an example...



It is in 1/25th scale with working tailgate, jack-stands, spare carrier and wheels. The top is not "tied down as I wanted the option to make it removable. It is all card and paper, copper and aluminum wire, and part of an old shirt. Home made acrylic OD green and air-brushed.



Right now, I am in the process of a Scammell Pioneer SV2S, but am having a hard time finding details of some of the construction details. So I will build parts then rebuild them when I find better details. Just recently found a good view of the Gardner 6LW, so restarted ( again)! I'll post a pic when she is finally complete!

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Thanks for the welcome!

Have been working on my 1/25th scale card-stock 1945 Scammell Pioneer SV2S...found lots of good pix here, and some info from the repair manuals..still need many other details...( OCD!!) but thought I would update with progress pix ( not sure if this is the place for this..but )....

Front-Frame-Detail.JPGFrame and front suspension...

DSC_0062_01.JPGBoom and one rear storage/tool boxes

test-fit.JPGrear suspension test fit...


....Need details on the boom, for instance..is there a set of wheels/runners that support the boom when it is extended? Have not been able to find info or a pic of this area...it's one of those areas thats over-looked on pictures..as well as the winch, when removed ...Have not been able to find a Owners/repair manual that doesn't cost an arm and a leg for shipping to here! I am not able to pay the ( :( antique) prices they ask on E-Bay, but will keep looking!

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