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Landrover carb


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Repro Zenith( not Solex sorry) carbs are generally rubbish. The castings are poor quality & when I put one on my lightweight it ran very roughly. There are forums that tell you to strip them & rub the castings mating faces on a glass sheet with fine emery paper etc, but that seems a bit crap when you have just shelled out for it as new!!

I think it's preferable to get hold of an old original & buy an overhaul kit.

Alternatively fit an SU carb with an adaptor. Talk to the SU people they might be able to help

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AVOID the repro Zeniths, rubbish.


Easy job to rebuild your old one, get a quality kit from Burlen Fuel Services and you are laughing.


Warped body usually easily lapped flat on a sheet of 240 grit paper.


Watch out for wear on the throttle spindle bushes, they can tolerate a fair bit of wear but it can be difficult to get the idle air bypass correct, also the classic sneeze at part-throttle coasting just after you lift the pedal.

Its a case of boring the casing and fitting bronze bushes, easy enough job but best to do on a drill-press or mill.



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I put a Zenith copy onto my S3 lightweight a couple of years ago. I think I got it off eBay for around £40. I was a bit dubious, but I'm a bit cack-handed and made a right meal of stripping the original one down. I thought for £40 it was worth a try.

Well I stuck it on, and the engine ran beautifully. And has continued to do so. I adjusted the idle slightly, but that was it.

I realise it's a bit of a lottery, but maybe it's worth a punt. It paid off for me.


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You need to take care who you blame.


The Indian manuf. 36IV , have the two letters PA in bold on the body casting , BUT it seems not always. Apparently the PA is the worst 36IV


Some of the UK 36IV manuf. by Burlen have no markings on the body casting.


The cheapo Chinese 36IV have no markings on the body casting (but when new the castings are easily recognisable , they seem to have a slight chemical finish sheen - hologram like). The other external parts you would have to be a real 36IV expert to tell they were Chinese.

All the UK vendors of the Chinese copy seem to use the same manufacturer , the box yellow label states "Made in PRC".



The sinking plastic float was around before the Chinese imports..


You fill just one 10 gall. tank , now = abt. £50 , shop around - you can still obtain a Chinese 36IV for less £$


If you buy a copy 36IV , make certain the packaging has signs of being unopened , I have a theory .


Buy a new (and expensive) defective 36IVR - you buy it in a genuine Land Rover supply chain box , return it - you get another fresh stock.


Buy a new (and expensive) defective Burlen 36IV , it goes back to the manufacturers - who possibly have a slave engine for testing.


Buy a new cheapo Chinese or Indian PA , it goes back to the seller , does it go back to the importer & then China for reclaim , or is it sold over the counter to the next punter to say it is £rap LoL

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