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Battery Electrolyte temperature gauge and panel needed

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Rock 'n Roll, one of the three surviving Sno-Cats from the Transantarctic Expedition of the mid 1950's is being restored in Oregon at the Tucker plant where it was made. While it was in the UK ( at what was then the Chrysler plant in Kew I think ) it was fitted with a bunch of British equipment and gauges, including a Lucas gauge for the battery electrolyte temperature and a matching switch panel I've been asked to find them, functional or not, and I thought that if anyone would know where to get a set it would be somebody on here.


Military connections ? well the project was staffed from Commonwealth Forces, and the Sno-Cat does have a script F Ford GPW tow hook on it.


As incentive, have a look at the You Tube video of it moving again under its own power for the first time in fifty years or so;



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