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Ferret wanted for Duxford 20 June


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Is there anyone with a Ferret Mk 2/3 or even Mk 5! willing to display their Ferret at Duxford Sat 20 June please?


It is the reunion of the Para Sqn RAC Old Comrades Association & they would really appreciate seeing kit like a Ferret that they served with. In fact one of them bears the wounds of "Ferret finger syndrome" but still holds these vehicles in affection!


If anyone is able to help please PM me & I can put you in touch with the secretary.

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There are several ferrets at Duxford. I'm not sure of what makes a 2/3 different though, so no idea if either of the 2s is the right model.


There's a sectioned mk2 in the Land Warfare Hall entrance, a mk2 and a mk4 in the main display, and a mk1 in the arena that's owned by one of the volunteers.





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Lauren I haven't been to Duxford for 25 years so I didn't know what they had got. The cutaway one looks fun & of course the the UN one. The Sqn had a UN peacekeeping role in Cyprus 1974 though most of their Ferrets were green/black with blue UN badges.


The reunion has been held in the vicinity of Duxford for about 5 years, so they have probably seen those. I was asked by the secretary to see if I could find someone locally with one. I think the thing is to be able get up close & climb aboard, not the sort of thing one can do at a museum. When I had the Hornet & reunions were more local many revived their memories by climbing on board again.

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shame its not a bit closer, my ferret was with the sqn in 1965, but duxford bit to far

for one night.


That would have been nice Keith. I think acceptance & appreciation by vets is the greatest compliment. Words like "You have turned this vehicle out better than we did, thank you" are as good as you can get.

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