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Humber Dipstick ..........................



i'll have to be careful how I word this !


yesterday I compared my Humber 4x4 Dipstick with my Mates Humber 4x4 dipstick........................


I have thought for sometime that I seam to be still burning a bit of oil, despite a total rebuild of my engine, it was suggested that I was over filling my oil levels, and this would explain the oil consumption ?


anyway, yesterday we compared side by side the two dipsticks and showed a very interesting question





as you can see, there is a good 1" difference between mine and my mates, mine being the higher level.............


can anyone explain why this might be ? or shed any light on the theory of burning oil if over filled ?





humber dip stick 1.jpg

humber dip stick 2.jpg

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Excess oil is quite likely to find its way out via the cylinders and exhaust. Interesting that the possibly correct one has FWD marked on it. If the engine fitted to the 4x4 has a different sump to that fitted to 2wd cars and yours is a dipstick out of a 2wd, that'd explain it.

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I think if memory serves, that the dipstick enters through the block, so it would not matter which sump you had from other vehicle having this engine, the level would still appear too high. The way to confirm the correct level is to drain it off and refill with the prescribed quantity in the handbook, the filter take about a pint so you can subtract that amount. Then if the stick is wrong, the remark it correctly, could be a stick from a completely different Rootes engine, assuming it looks the same at the outer end.

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