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Light car patrol paint colour


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Does anyone on here have a body/frame paint colour for the model Ts used by the Light Car Patrols in Egypt. presumably it was a gloss yellow/ochre/sand but am specifically looking for a shade/tone number etc


Thanks in advance



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anyone working on light car patrol items know colour? nearest I have found so far is land rover sand glow




Hi Gary,

I believe that is the colour that the late Jack McRoberts painted his Light Patrol Car. He lived in Perth, Western Australia and was going to bring it to Corowa military vehicle event last March, but sadly passed away before it was completed. However, we did have another Model T replica of a Light Patrol Car, from Ken Gherke in Queensland, that one was in a drab colour. I doubt there was any specification for the paint shade in that era, and that it was mixed on location to suit the surroundings.


Here is a photo of Jack's after he painted the body, and the other is of Ken's at Corowa.


regards, Richard

Model T restoration.jpg

Ken Gherke - Model T.jpg

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Thanks All for your replies, photos and links. Am leaning towards a sand vehicle in gloss or silk - finding it hard to get sand glow or near to it. does anyone recommend a paint mixing supplier etc - went to local halfords but it was pricey and not guaranteed to get correct shade/tone etc



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