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PAL nuts best method to use


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About to refit my big ends onto the GPW crankshaft and as well as usual nuts there are now PAL nuts (old set never had these) what is the best way to fit these so they won't shake off etc?


I take it after torquing up bolts/nuts you run the PALs up against them hand tight then further 1/3 to 1/2 turn by spanner or should these have a torque setting too (guess very light torque if at all)





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Found this on a stockist's website, it intimates that they are not wound up tight as it mentions finger tightening as an option;


Pal® Nuts to DIN 7967 is the most common name used for these stamped sheet metal check-nuts, also known as Self Locking Counter Nuts.

The Pal® Nut to Din 7967 Self Locking Counter Nut work in such a manor that allows them to distort under load and return to their original shape in the threaded area because they are made form a spring like steel. Din 7967 self locking counter nuts (Pal® Nut) are unique in terms of been light weight and having low profile (height) and the ability to be tightened with an internal wrench (or finger tightening), meaning it provides a vibration resistant locking action while still usable in small and tricky areas where space is restricted.

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