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Bulldozer - Crawler - Caterpillar


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Looking thro' some old photographs I came across these I had taken of a bulldozer 'parked' on the side of a mountain.


Not sure if its military or civilian ?


Pyrene style fire extinguisher holder on the 'dash'.


Anyone any ideas ?




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Agree with the Fowler Challenger part but as a Fowler Challenger 3, my source indicates that these were fitted with a Leyland 0.600 engine.

Fowler Challenger 4 was fitted with a Meadows engine.

Yellow/orange(y) paint would indicate civilian use. Not a very common tractor

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Thank-you everyone for your replies.



If you're in the Forest of Dean, this is only 10 miles or so from you, just inside the Welsh border.


The farm it is 'parked' on was well known locally for having quite a few ex MV, worked to death, parked up and abandoned in hedgerows etc. As a youngster I used to play on a carrier on the same farm, this was during the late '60's, unfortunately all now gone for scrap .



Thanks again


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