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Hi,could anybody recommend a decent insurance company or broker to try as had my renewal through from Footman and James but could do with something to compare it to,I tried a couple last year but most of them took the details and never rang back.


Thanks Simon

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I've just renewed the MVs with Premium Choice they seem helpful & you do get printed documentation through the post.


Also renewed car & lorry with Adrian Flux they like to send everything electronically & don't always make the changes that you agreed. They play loud adverts for their range of insurance products whilst you hang on between options or put on hold, very irritating.

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I have just renewed 4 of my vehicles. I was previously with FJ but have now gone to Cherished Vehicle Insurance. A lot cheaper, higher mileage allowance and any driver over 25. Very helpful and knew what the vehicles were and seemed genuinely interested.



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I insured my "new" Chevrolet with Hagertys in October....BUT the major issue is that they will provide recovery for vehicles of more than 3.5T. Apart from that I would recommend them as good value and whole process was very professional. I went to Hagertys because I was very impressed with the way they dealt with Andy Mitchell's little issue with his Ford in Normandy in June.

I explained that there was a need to heavier recovery in the MV market, but they said they had no plans to extend beyond 3.5T max


But I still would like to find a company that will provide recovery as part of the package for the heavier vehicles (I know I can separately buy classic truck recovery)


I have just spoken to Cherished Vehicle Insurance, because they have been mentioned on this and other threads. While they don't currently provide the heavier recovery, the very helpful call centre operator explained that they realised there is a gap in the market and that they would be introducing recovery for my weight truck (~5 tonnes) early in the new year and suggested I called back then once it had commenced to get a quote.




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