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Vehicle Spares on ebay - WARNING

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For months now I have watched adverts appearing on ebay, from persons who should know better, adverting spares for certain vehicles when they clearly are not for those vehicles.


ie.. 434, CVRT etc..


This is blatant misrepresentation i.e. FRAUD, when those parts never were fitted to such vehicles as is claimed. All sorts of tactics are used to sell to the unwary without any scruples whatsoever, its time this practice was made public on here in the hope that those people who may not know better do not fall into the trap of buying a part which is of no use to them whatsoever and do their research before parting with hard earned cash.



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One seller I contacted recently said he realised it didn't fit two of the vehicles mentioned but he included as many vehicles as he could in the title to increase visits to the page. Later he did actually amend the heading.


There is a Ferret dipstick currently advertised as also fitting a Humber 1 Ton as they "both have B60 engines" :nut:

I have had no response to my observation that the sumps are entirely different & said dipstick is far too long, lacks a shroud & has no knob on the end.


But these misleading descriptions can work to the advantage of the shrewd shopper who recognises what they really fit.:-)

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