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11.00 20 bar grip tires

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I came across this tire while looking for something else, and it is on its way to me. This tire is NOS, early design bar grip tire, never mounted and is correct for the early (series 1,2 3) G116 wreckers. I will be checking in getting this design reproduced (no promises). If it can be done, it will not be cheap. So if you have a desire to put the "correct" tire on your early wrecker, let me know. I realize there would be a limited market for this tire.

I will chalk this up to a "Holy Grail" find!


John G





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This size tire and tread design can be reproduced, however, it is a 200 tire minimum run. That equates to outfitting 17 wreckers. I will be getting pricing in a few days, however I do not expect it to be cheap. If someone wanted 12 tires expect to pay around $9600.00, I would be surprised if it comes in cheaper. So I realize this is probably just a dream, but you never know.


John G

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There is a buz on a thread on FaceBook about these tires. I am going to post this thread link on FB to get those truly interested to see your research. Any updates on the cost or is it just safe to say it is still in the $9,600 range for a set of 12?




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