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1944 CMP Tempreture Gauge



Good evening,


My Tempreture gauge is byond repair. I have searched all over the Internet to find a replacment but to no avail!


Could any one kindly point me in the right direction to find one! (it's the late war type!... Standard American i believe)


Your help is much apricaited!






(Ex) 1940 BSA M20

1944 Ford F60 LAAT

1942 40mm Bofors Gun

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Hi Pete,


I'm not too sure ! ... My broken temp gauge was wired to the electric birds nest behind the dash (so I think I'm right in saying its electric.


It is a round dial and has no bulb inside it.... Just the gauge needle with a basic copper element attached too it!


hope this helps !


thanks for replying😄



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Yes it will be electric if it's original ford CMP. I think I have one, PM me with your e-mail and I'll send you a couple of photos if your interested.


Just gone out to the barn to check, sorry Mark I must have sold the temp gauge, all I have left is the electric Ford CMP pressure gauge.



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