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Rubber Bushes

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Hi all,

Does anybody know where I can get torque bar rubber bushes for the diamond t 969?




Try Walkers Rubber in Ipswich and/or Norwich. They repaired several rubber Layrub traction couplings for my Morris Commercial and were most helpful. Take the worn bits in and talk it thru' with them. Jerry

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I'll second Jerry's recommendation.


If you are able to burn out / off any remaining rubber from the housing and pin before going, it'll probably be easier for them to sort a quote out. There would also be a significant cost to separate and clean / prep components, if you can do this (and maybe get bushes and pins sandblasted) it will make a big difference.


There will be an initial set-up charge for the vulcanising tooling but you may be able to find other DT operators needing the same job to help spread the cost.



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I've been told Belzona make a product which has been used for this by the owner of a Mack NM. He burned out the existing material and cleaned everything thoroughly before making a jig to hold the pin in the correct location and to plug the bottom. He then poured the product in and let it set and was very satisfied with the result. Apparently the Belzona rep was very interested in the project and was very helpful. Might be worth a phone call. Please let us know what you do either way as I have several sets to re-do at some point in the next couple of years!


Regards - MG

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