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Cvr(t) samson winch rope


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Dear All,


I have almost no experience of CVR(T). Does anyone know if or how you can remove the winch rope if the engine is not running and never will? If it can just be free spooled and pulled off, what has to be done?


John Attlee

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Dear John,


Funny you posted this as I just came back from looking at a Samson that I am starting an involvement with.


I guess the next thing I am going to do is order up the manual, which leads me to deduce you don't have one either.


I am thinking you have a petrol Samson?


I think there will likely be a way to free spool as the whole clobber is run off a PTO.


Anyway, I have a Samson in private ownership thread running, why dont you post into that with some pictures.


And lastly, are you the gent who transports the Conqueror around?



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I am indeed looking after the Conqueror ARV. The main winch rope is very good indeed but I doubt that the auxilary winch rope will pass inspection. However, the Samson has the same size rope and we have one as a gate guardian at Bordon. Hopefully I can just pull the rope off the winch and leave a short bit for show. The Conqueror's winch rope is too heavy to pull by hand.


I have not taken the Conqueror out of Bordon since 2008. However, it is nearly ready to be operational and I hope to be taking it out next year. The next step is the winch inspection and test. I will probably start a thread on it soon.



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