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Saladin suspension adjustment


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In a couple of the pics of my Saladin it appears to be sitting slightly tail heavy.




The user manual and technical manual both talk about the torsion bars being adjustable, but neither say how or to what extent this should be done. Is it therefore as simple as winding up the rear (and to a lesser extent middle) torsion bars to get back on the level?




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Pretty much, but the manual should describe a more detailed process, to be conducted on level ground, that specifies exact tide heights at certain points. I have the process for a Saracen here, but not Saladin. let me know if you get stuck and i'll post it up.




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If it's any help, on CVRT you jack up the hull, remove the track and road wheels and measure the droop of the torsion bar between the hub centre and sponson. With al the droop measurements equal, if all the torsion bars are good then the vehicle should sit level with the weight back on it (ours doesn't as we the torsion bars have gone soft on one side).



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