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LVT-4 Water Buffalo at War & Peace Revival 2014


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Those of you who know about these vehicles,will know that the tracks have SCOOPS for amphibious traction.. And are designed for sand, marsh, water and not semi hard ground. At W & P the ground was not ideal,especially on the last day, it got down to the clay..

if only we could have swum in the pond !!!!!!!!

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Why is it that a normal person can watch footage like that and think "wow, that's a nice vehicle", while I watch it and think "wow, that's a nice vehicle, I wonder whether I should buy and restore one"?




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Terry, Its because you are blessed with the Green Machine Sickness!!


Here, Let me help cure you.....





This is from its second swim in Fla before she made it across the pond to the UK.



As stated previously, they don't turn well on land unless the turf is sand or really muddy and soft.



And if I made it over for the W&P show..... there may have been enough encouragement to hit that lake up!!









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