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Hello from Las Vegas, NV.

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Hello folks,


I've joined the forum to help determine which model of Land Rover that I have. I purchased it earlier this week and I believe it's a Series 2A 88 by the looks of it but I am not sure. BTW, I also purchased another Land Rover which I believe is a Cab Over 109 IIB.


I collect military vehicles and they are available for public display at my gun range here in Las Vegas. We have thirteen HMMWV's, seven M35A2 "Deuce and a half' trucks, six M923A2 5-ton's, M1087 LMTV, M4A3 Sherman, Centurion MBT that has been modified to look like an M1 Abrams, FV432 APC, M2A1 half-track, M-561 "Gama Goat", two GPW's, M274 "mule", CH-34 "Choctaw" and a Huey UH-1C.



Ron M Cheney

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