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Fordson Wot 1


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Hi there!


We're new to the forum, so hello from us.


We've just purchased a 1941 Fordson Wot 1 (photo below of it at the Leyburn 1940s weekend). Its a fantastic machine and is in really good condition. It served with the RAF at RAF Eastchurch and since then has been in a museum in Devon. It has its original V8 engine (sounds incredible) and gets a lot of interest wherever it drives!


We know very little about the truck and we were wondering if there was anyone on here who might be able to tell us where to look? It seems to be quite rare and so far we've struggled to find much out.


Hope to see you all at the shows in the future,





Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 17.42.12.jpg

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Nice One!


The engine is the same as in a Ford Pilot, and spares for it are reasonably easy to come by. The truck itself is a rarity though - not many left so take care of it. It's worth joining the early v8 club UK (Rob on here can give you details).


Where are you based, and what sort of thing are you looking for?

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Strongly advise joining the Early Ford V8 club. Contact the membership secretary Geoff Smith on geoff-smith@talktalk.net for details.


I take it you're a member of the MVT and/or IMPS?


Almost all Ford WOT1 trucks went to the RAF for various roles. Your truck may have it's serial number and contract number on a plate, try contacting the RAF Museum to see if they have any details, but I doubt they will have much.

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You'd only really have a chance of finding the history from the RAF Museum if it remained in service after 1949, and even then it would be a lot easier on the poor sod who had to find the card (i.e. me) if you had the service registration (since that's how they're organised). Having said that the number blocks allocated to WOT1s should be easy enough to blitz through - try finding a Land Rover without the reg number!

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It will be good to see another WOT 1 on the road again. If I can help I restored the WOT 1 crash tender back in 2000 witch I had for 20 years . The one I had a rebuild plate 1956 GERMANY . So might have been in the airlift . I am restoring a WOT 3 now 90% done . T CORBIN

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