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1943 5 mile march medal


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Other than it being some sort of award for what looks to have been an inter-unit competition, I can't help much with the details, I'm afraid.


What I take to be the abbreviations of the competing units (70th/16th Foot v R.H.Q. 9th Mx) are a bit strange, though - 70th Foot was 2nd Battalion, The East Surrey Regiment, while 16th Foot was The Bedfordshire Regiment, but I don't believe they were amalgamated, so why it's written like that, I have no idea (on that basis, I suspect it probably stands for something else, to be honest). As for the second part, I assume that stands for something like Regimental H.Q., 9th Middlesex, which I think must refer to the 9th Middlesex Home Guard Battalion.


Nice little sterling silver medal, though - made in London (if the hallmark shows a leopard's mask) in 1942 (date letter G).


By the way, I hope you don't mind me rotating the images, but I was getting a cricked neck trying to read them... :)





5 mile march medal (rear).jpg

5 mile march medal (front).jpg

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