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Humber Pig / One Ton Towing Hitch


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The towing hitch on my PIG has both of the return springs broken.


Has anyone replaced the springs on these before and if so what with.


I suspect they need to be quite strong to hold the top section down on the U shaped hook.


Also as an alternative and seen on another thread I believe these were fitted to Champs too.


If so are they plentiful in good working order and how much do they go for?



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Wayne were you going to be towing this big trailer with it? I wonder if it might be more prudent to fit a NATO hitch?


There seem to have been problems with the towing ring popping out of the jaws. Even after the EMER mod of welding some more metal onto the lower jaw, it looks rather "ify" by modern standards of safety.


I know your ISPL specifies this type (curiously says 4 springs in it) but that is dated Jan 1960. I can find EMER references to the NATO hitch in Oct. 1960, so it would not be out of era to fit the NATO one. Although I accept many Humbers would have seen out their service life with the original hitch, but on a safety angle alone I think justifies a NATO one I would have thought.

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Your comments are quite accurate and thank you.


The Dixon Bate hitch is far superior and robust and if I was to tow the Arrows I would use one.


However, when not towing I would have the correct period style fitted.


I have seen champs fitted with the modern hitches and whilst a correct item in relative terms they just don't look original.


I guess it's all about as and when towing any trailer, as the original hitch design is Iffy compared to the Dixon Bate item.



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