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Tankfest 2014 - My first visit to this show ( and lots of pics )

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While I've been to Bovington Tank Museum before on a few occasions, 2014 was the first time I'd been to "Tankfest" and seen many of the exhibits in action. I attended on the Saturday, as I happened to be in the area on holiday. Apart from the lunch break, there was movement in the arena all day with different displays. The day ended with a re-creation of the Arnhem battles which included flypasts by the BBMF Dakota and the Hangar 11 P-51D Mustang. The weather was great and there were loads of people there, so very busy, but a great day out. If you haven't been to see this show, I'd highly recommend it.


The only thing spoiling the day was an officious official, who wouldn't let my 4 year old daughter kneel at the back edge of the stone blocks surrounding the arena so she could see, even though she was also being held at the same time so she wouldn't fall either way.


Considering that I was leaning over the blocks much further with my camera, and that there were a number of photographers wandering within the arena, I can't work out how she was in any more danger than they or I were? I'm guessing he had to justify the wearing of his bright yellow jacket. Anyway, we just ignored him every time he walked on.


I took around 400 photos, a few of which I'm posting here as a taster of the event. I've added 108 pictures to my vehicles events page, so anyone who really wants to see all 108, follow this link - TANKFEST 2014









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