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Support to the RTR Amalgamation Parade

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HMVF Members,

I am a Squadron Leader from the Royal Tank Regiment and am currently charged with organising a static display of military vehicles for the RTR amalgamation parade day, due to be held on the first weekend in August around the Tidworth area.

David Willey at the tank museum suggested that I post on here and see if there is any interest in order to improve and diversify our display. Currently I plan to have all the modern vehicles from the Regt there: CR2, CVR(T), CRARRV, Panther and possibly others. The Tank Museum have kindly offered to lend us their Mark IV.

I would be keen to hear from any members who own a vehicle that has previously been used by the Regt in its history; though I confess I'm only really looking at combat type vehicles and not B vehicles. Of particular interest to me would be: Saladins, Ferrets and Scorpion (I hear there is even someone with a Sherman out there, which would be amazing!!!) but I'd be wiling to discuss any offers.

The day will consist of a parade, BBQ, various displays and fun fair type stands.


If you are interested then please respond with the type of vehicle you might be able to offer and I can then discuss it further.



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