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DPM Camo Beret


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Has the British ever came up with the idea of DPM camo berets?. I know that some countries issue camo berets to the likes of Special Forces. The South African 32 Buffalo Battalion wore camo berets in the border war.


Myself, the idea of camo berets is taking things too far lol


Didnt the British have somthing similar called the General Service Cap but in khaki?

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I would imagine it has something to do with when you will be wearing a beret; if you don't wear it in the field then it just becomes a bit of a soldierly fashion choice?


Interestingly enough, many elderly men used to wear a blue beret rather like the British one, here in Poland some 20 years ago.



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Berets are something of a nitroglycerine-like topic for many in the British Army: Paras would be more than likely to remove your head from your shoulders, were you to suggest changing the colour of their beret, for example; for many, the beret colour is a regimental identifier. Here is a list of beret colours, and the regiments that they link to:



  • Khaki
    Foot Guards, Honourable Artillery Company, Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, Royal Anglian Regiment, Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, Royal Welsh, Yorkshire Regiment, Royal Gibraltar Regiment, 4/73 (Sphinx) Special Observation Post Battery RA
  • Light grey
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
  • Dark grey
    Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps
  • Brown
    King's Royal Hussars, Royal Wessex Yeomanry
  • Black
    Royal Tank Regiment, W (Westminster Dragoons) Squadron, Royal Yeomanry
  • Dark (Rifle) green
    The Royal Dragoon Guards, The Queen's Royal Hussars (with broad brow band), The Rifles, Royal Gurkha Rifles, Small Arms School Corps, Essex Yeomanry
  • Maroon
    Parachute Regiment, All ranks serving with 16 Air Assault Brigade (not restricted to Parachute qualified personnel) other than the non Parachute Regiment Infantry Battalion or Army Air Corps and attached Arms personnel.
  • Beige
    Special Air Service including attached troops who are not SAS-qualified
  • Emerald grey
    Special Reconnaissance Regiment
  • Commando Green
    Commando qualified personnel serving in Commando units (including the Special Boat Service)
  • Cypress Green
    Intelligence Corps
  • Sky blue
    Army Air Corps
  • Scarlet
    Royal Military Police (incl non-RMP attached personnel)
  • Green
    Adjutant General's Corps (except Royal Military Police, who wear scarlet; Military Provost Staff and Army Legal Service, who wear navy blue), Military Provost Guard Service
  • Navy blue
    all other Army units (except Scottish line infantry regiments and the Royal Irish Regiment).



Likely as not, you'd probably find a fairly sharp and pointed argument of bayonet-shaped proportions being levelled somewhere sensitive on your person, were you to suggest that they trade in their regimental berets for an army-wide camo beret - this in addition to it being considered a rather peculiarly American fetish-like affectation, and "not the done thing over here, old boy"...!


As to field caps, yes the army issued a couple of formats - actually, now, three; the 60-pattern OG "Combat Cap", a slighlty simplified DPM Combat Cap (with a slot on the front of them for a cap badge to be applied), and now, apparently, an MPT combat cap.


I'm in agreement with the Paras over the nick-naming of these things - they tend to call them - and apologies for the luggage here - "Crap Caps", or similar more... um... explicit phraseology...!


I don't know if the idea has ever been mooted to the General Staff at any point, but given that former Paras and SAS occifers have been CAS in recent years, I tend to think that they may well have told the sponsors of such radical ideas to do the "walk away with short jerky movements" thing ;)

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This is not a DPM beret but it is one of my favorites. It was liberated from Pt. Salines from an "adviser" during the Grenada invasion. This is known as the "Lizard Camo".




British Paras in Arnhem used to were a camo net over their berets. I've seen pics.

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