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Daimler Ferret - replacing Transmission Brake Bands

Chris Preston

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Greetings All,



The decision has finally been made to purchase new Transmission Brake Bands for our Daimler Ferret, pending removal of the gearbox/tarnsfer case later this year to facilitate same. That being said, I've enquired with suppliers in the UK on the availability of Ferret Transmission Brake Bands, and have been advised that I'll only need four, rather than five brake bands and linings.


I'm confused, as the Ferret has a five-speed transfer case/gearbox. What is the correct number - four or five, and are they all the same for all five gears? Also..... are the brake bands ready to drop in, or do they require some final machining and cleaning up before mounting in the gearbox.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.




Chris Preston,

Victoria, BC

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There are only 4 brake bands, the 5th gear just uses a clutch. I have never replaced them but I believe if you replace the linings they need machining, but not if you replace the entire brake band assemblies.



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not an easy decision to make but one you will likely have lots of satisfaction and usage out of.


Once you have pulled the pack out you should verify the rear bevel boxes at the same time and do yourself a favour and renew the brake lines with something worth while. Watch out for the breather on the bevel boxes, often as not the enthusiasts end up paint over the darn thing and they get blocked and blow seals and ruin the bevel box.


Pictures would be nice, you wont regret doing it.


When it all goes back together clean it is a nice feeling.



Ferret gearbox bands and gears clean.jpg

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