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Hi there.


Currently not a Military Vehicle owner, but a collector of Air Cooled VW's. Looking to build a Kubel Kit.


My son, however, is a reenactor and WW2 collector.


Also, recently sold a James ML so at some point this year I'll be looking for another bike.

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Welcome aboard.., I love air cooled VW engines, I previously owned a 43 and 44 Kubel, please don't make some frankenstein kubelwagen though. If you are serious get a 40's-50's era pan and contact Lehar in the Czech Republic, you will not be sorry, he makes complete bodies and reproduction parts, you will need the drivetrain, engine etc. but he has correct wheels, tyres etc. I have done business with him in the USA and he is par none.









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Issah2025, roughly how much is one of Lehar's bodies? I've never considered a kubelwagen, but I've got to admit that it's pretty cool and I could see myself using one as a daily driver... What is the quality like? Do you have any details of the build-up?




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If I remember correctly his full Kubel kit is like 20K USD or maybe a little less (complete, tilt etc, and windows, I think you need to upholstery the seats or they are done, it has been a few years since I got anything from him, since he doesn't deal in Brit kit, thinking though, that price might have been for one of the Stoewer bodies complete. His work is incredible, you can't tell the difference from an original, I had original doors and some other parts replaced, because there was so much damage and bondo, the new doors look like they came off the factory floor, he also has the correct wheels and tyres. We were going to get a container and ship 3-4 bodies over, but we only got parts that were needed, since you are in the UK, shipping will be a whole lot cheaper, he is a great guy to deal with, no hassles and I don't know of anyone that has had issues with him.

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Repro on Milweb, looks pretty good, just by a quick glance over,,




it has a few of the correct things done too from what I read, the use of the VW bus axles and spindles!!!

One of my Kubels had a 51 VW front bus axle. They are exactly the same except the VW cogwheel stampings and wartime markings.

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