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Hello from a member who has been away for too long


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Hi everyone,


I am a member who was on here a few years ago but due to work and other commitments I am afraid this forum was put on the back burner and I am now glad to say I am back in.


So a little about me, my name is Nathan however I go by the nickname Mash.


I am from a lovely little island called Guernsey but due to my employer I now spend most of my time in the UK and sunnier climes.


By trade I am a VM1 and have experience with L/R's of various types 80's to WOLF's, Daf and Bedford fleet along with a good knowledge on the IMMLC and MMLC Drops trucks. I spent 5 years (2007-2012) working along side the soon to be disbanded 2LSR and from this I gained a vast knowledge of big toys.


My little collection consist of a WC-52 (chassis up resto been going on far too long)

and a new addition to the fleet is a 90 defender WOLF (rolling resto)


Cheers Mash.

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I hope in the not too distant future my 52 will be up and running and marked up with Force 135. All I have to do is get home to work on it (easier said than done) still I have just under a year for the 70th so I might manage it.

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