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Holiday Driving in Europe



Hi guys,


I'm planning a bit of a holiday trip with my Bedford MJ (1984 26000km on clock, registered as a Private HGV Camper) and in conversation the other day, someone mentioned restrictions on commercial vehicle driving on Sundays.


i'm hoping that the combined experience of the forum will shed some light.


Is it true that commercial vehicles cannot drive on Sundays and if true, which countries apply this rule?







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Restrictions apply to driving at week ends and public holidays in most European countries for goods vehicles over 7.5 tons, some countries its any goods vehicle over 3.5tons.

As your MJ is 1984 and over 7.5 tons its not old enough to qualify as historic or any other exemption, has it been downrated to under 7.5tons if so may be ok. Is it a proper camper conversion with side windows, fixed furniture and registered on the V5 as a motorhome? it may be exempt, if its still looks like a truck body/signals body with some camping gear in it and could be construed as still able to carry a load it may need a tachograph too, tacho exemption here in UK is probably not recognised abroad even as a private hgv.

You may have to plan your holiday to be parked up on Sundays.

It would not be possible to enter some cities that have a low emmission zone same as London LEZ as your engine will not be compliant


And do not forget to apply for your export licence to temporarily export a former military vehicle, a Spire licence can be done online, its been well discussed before on here. I think its only historic 50+ year old vehicles are exempt.


Some Info here, more online if you search, w/e driving restrictions do vary for each country


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