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New to the restoration game and just started my first Model-T


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My name is James and I have just started restoring my first Model-T. I believe the frame and body are from an early teen Roadster, but having trouble confirming. The only pictures of a Model-T that fit the same body style and shape are the ones I find from the Army scout trucks used during WWI I see in several museum photos.


I am currently in the US Army and just finished up my 14th year. I am a telecommunications manager and currently work as a senior systems administrator and project manager for the Army in Georgia. I do enjoy my work, but really seem to have more fun in my garage.



I have recently built a paint booth in my garage at home to help in my quest to restore my first of (hopefully) several model-t's. I currently have a frame, body, roof and a set of fenders and side skirts. The engine that came in the frame I got is actually and early Healey from what I was told and i'm going through the rebuild and clean up of that now. I am having one heck of a hard time getting any helpful information about these old trucks and the best ways to restore them. I found this forum and before joining already learned far more than I did surfing the net for hours.


I'm working on the engine right now and have just finished the block and head. I have cleaned it up and it really looks good. I have all the identification stamps and numbers from the block, head, distributor, and oil filter, but no luck getting a good ID on the actual engine model yet. I will sure keep looking. I am in need of a distributor cap at the moment as the only piece i'll need to get it running in the end, but i'm a long way off from starting the motor. I have just finished priming the frame and will begin fabricating body panels and fitting the motor into its spot on the frame.


Well, thanks for letting me join your club. I hope to learn a lot and get this old truck running in no time. I live in the US and have found the local Model-t club to be not so helpful in my quest for information and helpful tips on my restoration project.

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