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Could I run my K9 on 8ply bargrip tyers instead of 12 ply?


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Dealt with this before on other vehicles, when we moved from 12 ply British tyres to 6 ply Gama Goat tyres on DUKWS - they were fine, though of course we didn't load them up.


If you are just driving it around 8 ply SHOULD be fine, especially if they are modern, compared to 12 ply originals, but you might want to take on a lot more advice and have a hard think. As a minimum, I'd be checking that the individual load rating of my 8 ply tyres, multiplied by four, was a comfortable margin above the unladen weight of my vehicle, as there would be certain to be legal implications if you loaded them beyond their legal maximum. Might even be worth doing the same check for each axle in case the rear was fine ( truck empty ) but the front overloaded.

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