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Fordson WOT 2 HELP !


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Dear Fordson Followers.......


a pal of mine who has only just bought a WOT2, today broke one of his rear half shafts.............we have not stripped it out yet, and unsure which side at this moment.


So Firstly can anyone shed any light on a Replacement ?


also any words of wisdom in, getting the broken end out ?





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The usual method was to get a length of heavy bar - say 1 1/2" dia., place one end up against the broken shaft end in the diff and give the outer end a good whack with a sledge hammer. If you pull the bar away pretty sharpish the end should 'bounce' out and into the bowl. If not you could pull the other side half shaft and push it out from that side.


If you have a rear cover you can get it out. If it is like the old Kew Dodge tippers my dad had it would simply join all the other broken ends laying in the bottom of the axle case


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From the big book of WOT2 maintenance


The Rear Axle. Axle Shaft.


To Remove


1. Remove the eight nuts holding the axle shaft to the wheel hub and remove the lockwashers.


2. Remove the eight taper collets remaining on the hub studs.


3. Tighten up the two extractor bolts on the axle shaft flange so that the axle shaft is drawn away from the hub to facilitate removal


4. Draw the axle shaft out of the axle housing and rear wheel hub.


To Replace


1. Clean off all traces of the old gasket from the axle shaft flange and mating face of the hub, and place a new gasket on the studs in the hub.


2. Slacken off the two extractor bolts so that the ends of the bolts do not stand proud of the machined surface of the axle shaft flange and refit the axle shaft, turning it to facilitate the engagement of the splines on the end of the shaft with the differential gears.


3. Check that the taper collets and the seating for the collets in the axle flange are clean and refit the collets.


4. Replace the spring lock washers and nuts on the studs and tighten up in a criss-cross manner to ensure even seating.


5. Tighten up the two extractor bolts to prevent them being lost in service.


While it won't help with the stuck end, I Hope that helps in general :)

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