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1940s Weekend Milton Keynes Musuem 2013


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It was good to see you there. I have a few pics but the camera died halfway through saturday. The weather was good again and there was a good turnout of re-enactors and different vehicles on both days. Gas 44's Dodge , Chas Jellis and his GMC complete with aero engine on the rig and a UXB which he found at a local car boot! John Marchant graced us with his presence and his CMP in your pictures. Its always good to speak with John, he just happened to mention in passing that as well as clearing out Pounds yard, he had the job of clearing out all the local airfields and POW camps. He has all the paperwork for the POWs from the local camps, records, medical files etc, which he said they just left there when the camps were emptied. I will be speaking to him soon hopefully to get them relocated from his house to the museum. The weekend was rounded off with a circular flypast from the Lanc from BBMF on the Sunday. All in all a good weekend. Next years plans are to try and organise a bit of an autojumble/swapmeet, an evening social tent for those staying on site and a flying display with something a bit unusual....

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