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  1. I guess so, though I will be keeping an eye out as we are camping on Saturday night. :undecided:
  2. Stoke Bruerne’s annual Village at War event, the only wartime vintage themed canal festival, is taking place this year over the weekend of 14-15th September. The WWII weekend, organised by the Friends of The Canal Museum, kicks off at 7pm on Friday evening with the fabulous Lola Lamour singing some nostalgic songs of the 40s in The Navigation pub (table booking advised on 01604 864988). The wartime theme continues with tea dances and vintage fashion shows in the Church, a Black Market (get your nylons here), tanks and other military vehicles, a battle and firepower demonstration and other re-enactments from living history groups such as the Pitsford Home Guard, Allied Assortment, UK Tank Club, Le Companie de Francois, Falling Leaves, Trucks, Troops and Stores, The Tommy Atkins Society, Foxhole Fugitives, BARS and the 7th British Infantry. More info: http://www.friendsofcanalmuseum.org.uk/#/village-at-war-2013/4575137115
  3. A few pics my brother took incl me and the Enfield from last weekends event.
  4. I have a problem of mine running badly unless on partial choke, though it starts first kick. I am loathed to use choke for normal running but my mechanical experience is limited. Any idiot guides on things to try? Thanks Vince.
  5. 31st of August and the 1st of September will be the 1940's weekend at the Museum. Pop along with family and friends to step back in time and see how life was for people in the 40's. This will be the museums 4th wartime weekend and are looking forward to another super event. The museum itself is worth a visit in its own right, with many exhibits you can get close to including a parade of shop fronts rescued from in and around the local area including Stony Stratford (origin of the saying 'A Cock and Bull Story'), Newport Pagnell (M1 Motorway Services fame and home of Aston Martin) and Wolverton (which sprang up to support the Famous Railway works, until recently, the home of the Royal Train). You can also sample real ale served in the Angel Pub or visit the Cinema, toast some bread in the farmhouse kitchen or scrub up on your Grammar in the old school room. For the Buzby fans, the Telephone Musuem houses many hands-on, working examples from telephones and switchboards of old, a suprising favourite with the kids in this age of iPhones and Games Consoles. Don't forget the print musuem and onsite Tea Rooms too. The 1940s weekend expands on these attractions, bringing a flavour of the war years with music, re-enactors, exhibits and living history displays. If your heart lies in the 1940s war years you won't want to miss out, for all the family, relaxation, education, fun or just a trip down memory lane. Meet the Home Guard, the Red Cross, Free French and many others. Re-enactors, singers, stalls, radio and lots of fun. With wonderful period vehicles and exhibits, the whole weekend will be an event to remember...including a Fly Over. Pictures from last years event: http://mkmuseum-1940sweekend.weebly.com/saturday.html'>http://mkmuseum-1940sweekend.weebly.com/saturday.html'>http://mkmuseum-1940sweekend.weebly.com/saturday.html More Info: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Milton-Keynes-Museum/101231029955872?fref=ts http://mkmuseum-1940sweekend.weebly.com/
  6. I should add, I have the 2nd Army insignia on the tank of my WD/CO but have seen the 50th Inf Div insignia more commonly on bikes.
  7. Thanks All. I've got 95% of the equipment you describe No Signals, so happy with that. I would be great if you could share any photos esp of how the insignia is laid out on the BD. My brother has just returned from Normandy and he brought me, along with a bottle of Calvados , some insignia. He made some notes of how he thought is should be laid out (see photo). Are the 50th Inf Div and 2nd Army on opposing arms? Any more guidance gratefully received.
  8. There are a number of examples of motorcycles being deployed by the Royal Signals for Despatch Riders, but what other uses were they put to? For example, were they used for escort/convoy duty? Would the riders still have had the same uniform/equipment? My grandfather was in the Herts Yeomanry, RA(attached to the 2nd Army, 50th Division in June 1944). I'd like to pay tribute by bearing the insignia on my battledress, rather than the Royal Signals.
  9. Thanks for the note. Shame, I did the deed at lunchtime. I wanted 7 1/4. Bought a whole load of other bits too.
  10. Hi all, Has anybody ordered from "What Price Glory" in the US? Good or bad experience? Is the kit any good compared to other repro items from the UK? I a interested in their Repro Dispatch Rirders Helmet given the price and availability of originals. Thanks Vince.
  11. First outing this year for me at Duxford this Sunday with the WD/CO. Stop by and say hello.
  12. The voice of reason as ever Ron . I'll keep any eye on it then.
  13. Hi All Can you confirm possible causes and respective fixes including complexity, for the leak I have where the kick starter shaft goes through the gearbox casing? I would say the bike has lost approx a shot glass full over oil into the drip tray, while garaged over the winter. I've added an indication of the current oil level to the picture. And don't panic. I am replacing the filling cap washer.:laugh: Thanks Vince.
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