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Wing Commander Ken Wallis RIP

Desert Rat

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My father in law served with him on 103 Sqn in 1941 (as a lowly LAC erk mind and not quite on first name terms!)


For my part I greatly admired Ken Wallis for his refusal to give up flying. At 97 I think he must have been the UK's if not the World's oldest pilot and one who didn't just take the controls for a while when flying with someone else either!


Ken Wallis was from a generation of do'ers and not moaners!

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Saw him at RAF Waddington air show a few years back. was a little overwhelmed and found myself unable to pick up the courage to speak to him and wimped out and got the wife to ask for his autograph which I still have. Wished I had the courage to talk to him, he seemed very amenable .

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Strangely enough I have just returned from holiday in Lagos , Portugal. They were running Autogyro pleasure flights every day skimming the waves and I explained to the Missus all about Wallis, Little Nellie ,James Bond and how he invented the ingenious little flying machine. Farewell to a great man, A true Briton. RIP Wing Commander Wallis.

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