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help needed identifying a model of a tank


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Hi all not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but I am

always amazed with the depth of knowledge on this site, I picked up a bronze

model of a tank, this is cast in three pieces, turret, body and base, but it was

the engraved plaque that I found interesting, LEYLAND PROJECT 159 SEPT 1951-

FEB 1953 TO P.G.FAIRHURST ESQ. I assume that this is a Centurion tank, any help

would be greatly appreciated


regards Jeff


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Many thanks for the replys, do you think only the recipients of the model would have known what PROJECT

159 would have been, as I can not find any mention of this on the web

or would this be on record somewhere.

Tony B, I bought this at an antique fair at Donnington yesterday

regards Jeff

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I'd think it's a Centurion Mk1, based on the 2 square hatches on the turret and the smaller round commanders cupola. These had a rolled steel turret and a 17 pounder with no fume extractor (these show as a bulge about half way down the barrel) and Besa machine gun. Later Marks had a cast steel turret with the round commanders cupola but only one rectangular hatch. Mk 2 had the 17 pdr and Mk 3 the 20 pdr "A" barrel (no fume extractor). Later marks the "B" barrel with the fume extractor and extra armour plate on the glacis, etc, etc.

Leyland motors took over design parentage early 1950's and the Mk 7 was introduced in '53/54, so I'm guessing that Project 159 had to do with development of the Mk 7. However the model tank still looks like a Mk1 and not any later Mk - seems reasonable that they would make trophies with the first Mk.

A couple of pics of my Mk 3 with "A" barrel - great fun but VERY thirsty!



Cent 1.jpg

Cent 2.jpg

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