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Please help me to identify this vehicle...


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Colleagues; from time to time I come across an old vehicle and wonder what it actually is. Not all of them are actually MV but I hope that there is still somebody here in the forum who could help me to identify it.


Last week I had spent in Moroco and found the truck shown in the photo below. The roof rack is impressive :-D. Ok, it is obviously a Dodge truck. I thought it is a M37 but then found that the loading bay is very much different of what the M37 actually had. Would anybody have an idea of what type it is?

2013-08 Morocco, Oujda (1002).JPG

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Just a basic M37 with a different bed. I'm sure you have already worked out that all the red metal is just to allow the winch cable to be run over the roof to the back of the truck.


I don't recognise the body at all, but I don't think that is significant. There was a very limited run of M37s with a dump body - it might even be one of them

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