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What colour green to paint a 1959 Mini Moke prototype?


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I have a friend who is in the process of restoring a 1959 prototype Mini Moke made in the experimental workshop at Longbridge by the Austin Motor Company.


He's asked me what colour green he should paint it? I remember asking the same question many years ago when visiting the Museum Of Army Transport (Wally, are you reading this?!!). I enquired as to what was 'army green'? He said 'Well I guess it's whatever they happen to have in the paintshop at the time! Cast your eyes around the museum at the different exhibits and you will see what I mean.' I think that he might have been exaggerating a little but he was more or less right.


So what colour should he go for? I would suggest Land Rover deep bronze green but does anyone have any other suggestions?




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DEEP BRONZE GREEN but remember it darkens with time so it does appear to be differant shades just to make you smile

once some rang the museum for the history on his ex army landrover what type is it l asked expecting a reply of series

2A/IOI /3 /OR EVEN lightweight no none of these the reply was GREEN

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When international road racing was first considered, there were no numbers on cars. Each country used it's national colour. So France was Blue, Italy was Red, but Britian had no national colour. Oh well, Ireland is close enough and isn't competing, so we got-Green.:-D

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