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Stolen from Military Odyssey - Soviet crew helmets (Now Recovered)


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Taken from a tent at Military Odyssey on Saturday - a carrier bag containing 6 Soviet tank crew helmets. All were large size.

1 was Afghan era sand colour with a 5 pin plug

1 was a black winter one, fur lined, with a 5 pin plug

The others were all standard black ones with 4 pin plugs



Whoever took them ignored an SVD, AKs-74, camera bag with nearly £1,000 worth of kit in it, a pile of loose change and a mobile phone....



Detling organisers have been informed of this event.



If offered these for sale please notify both myself and the police.


Mods: posted here as I cannot post in the "Stolen" section of the forum.

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Update from Neil..


Hi Lee,


Can you mark the referred thread as solved please mate - I got them back yesterday. I had a phone call on the land line - number withheld - late last week and the package arrived yesterday afternoon!!!

Nice to have a happy ending!! :-D :-D


Thanks mate,



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