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Found 20 results

  1. Please be aware that a collection of Luftwaffe equipment was stolen from the North East Land Sea and Air Museum. Side cap, flight Blouse, Iron Cross and a selection of pilot/aircrew badges. If any one is offered these could you please contact the museum ( 0191 5190662 ) or Northumbria Police.
  2. The MVCG france website mentions a stolen WC51, 1 ton trailer and equipment. I have no relation to the owner or mvcg, but I think it's worth mentioning here. Here is the link to more info: http://mvcgfrance.org/menu4/2013-07-07-VOLDODGE.html Alex ---------------- Owner: Patrick Baillet, collector of military vehicles war 45 Contact: - Portable Patrick BAILLET: - Email: sylvie.bigaroli @ neuf.fr Flight date: Weekend July 7, 2013 Location of theft: CORMEILLES EN PARISIS - 95420 Val d'Oise Secure Technical Center City Cormeilles with entry badge.
  3. Taken from a tent at Military Odyssey on Saturday - a carrier bag containing 6 Soviet tank crew helmets. All were large size. 1 was Afghan era sand colour with a 5 pin plug 1 was a black winter one, fur lined, with a 5 pin plug The others were all standard black ones with 4 pin plugs Whoever took them ignored an SVD, AKs-74, camera bag with nearly £1,000 worth of kit in it, a pile of loose change and a mobile phone.... Detling organisers have been informed of this event. If offered these for sale please notify both myself and the police. Mods: posted here as I c
  4. I had this in an email from my colleague Simon Thomson regarding a stolen jeep. I place it here in good faith. MB ATTENTION............... STOLEN JEEP - Calling all M/V IMPS - MVT - MVPA - detectives - Spread the word - STOLEN JEEP (95% restored) Willys - Nov 1944 - Chassis No. 390342, Body/tub No.152906 Had set of modern rear springs - sat inches higher - Split rims with radial tyres - set of Hotchkiss wheels with bar grips also stolen - bumperets had numerous holes drilled in - bonnet had reinforced strips added. Stolen from nort
  5. Just got of the phone to Adrian Scott, his Hotchkiss Jeep which is in WW2 guise has been stolen from his property in East Grinstead, they went to great lengths to take it, removing neighbors fences & hedges in the process. Adrian will be providing full details later but here what I have so far. 24 Volt Electrics. Hotchkiss Body on a Ford Chassis. Freshly Painted. Star & numbers on Bonnet. The bumper has the incorrect type of wood inserted, the wood in this jeep is an orangy hardwood which should stand out if it hasn't already been changed. On the dash the light & ignit
  6. From Forum member davrix http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/member.php?13949-davrix Anyone with any information can contact David on dave.rix@zen.co.uk
  7. From the EMLRA Forum. http://forum.emlra.org/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=12513
  8. From the WW2 Forum http://www.wwiireenacting.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=80734&sid=2befca63ac110ccd2df597418f33948e
  9. A CVRT scorpion has been stolen form East Sussex please be on the look out Any info please get in contact No Photos yet reg Number 584YUJ it the one that was on Dave Kings pitch at War and Peace
  10. Only the Admin & Moderators can start threads or post in this board. We have done this so that only the specific details & facts get posted. Recent threads on stolen property have gone off topic with unfounded speculation, and we have reluctantly had to pull some posts to prevent possible libel issues. If you have had a Vehicle or Miliatry related kit stolen, or you know of something that has been stolen (check your facts first) then please send a PM with the following details Date Stolen Where from Name of owner Contact details Make/Model of
  11. STOLEN from the W&P Low loader parking (outside the show area) our GMC Bolster truck, Roy went to pick it up today and somebody has nicked it, they left the trailer there. so if you see a Bolster on a low loader with no trailer right down the truck reg number, maybe last seen this morning parked up off site in the W&P low loading area, not that you can miss it as it was mint, it won best large vehicle last year any info would be much appreciated.
  12. Stolen BMW R75 lost from the locked garage at the night at 3th to 4th June. http://www.vccsturm.com/detail.php?jmeno=bmw_r_75_02 phone on the owner +420 602 184 424
  13. One of our Deacs has been stolen from the Armoury at the Secret Nuclear Bunker, Kelvedon Hatch, Essex. It's Webley Mk IV .38 Revolver, Holster & Lanyard It was taken sometime between 25th Sepetmber 2011 & 1st February 2012, due to ill health I had not been in the armoury for sometime, it appears that the cage was forced apart just enough to get the gun out & they must of hooked the gun with a pole. Below is a photo of the gun & scan of the deac cert, if anyone knows anyone who has been offered or has bought a similar gun without a deac cert since September 2011 then
  14. Probably not my place to start this, but as no one has so far -- here goes We're all having a brilliant weekend at Preston Issacs VE day weekend until Tim discovers that two AK 47s have gone missing and so have a group of campers. A quick bit of searching finds that no one new these guys, they hadn't entered -- just turned up. After a more thorough check, Tim discovers that more weapons had been stolen -- not neccessarily the most attractive stuff, but Eastern Block weapons and I'm sure a list will be forthcoming Now it just so happens that we've got a photo of two of these guys and a
  15. Evening all. Newbee. Put on to site by fellow carrier owners on Mapleleafup. Had mine nicked from storage North east England, near Stockton during December last. It was wrapped up for the winter at a farm, two guys with lowloader removing it. Theft only came to light about two weeks ago when I went to renew or friendship after her hibernation. Photos attached show her about five years ago - Universal Carrier Canadian Mark 1* in 8th Army desert paint. Little changed other than water can frame removed from rear. Any info would be gratefully received. Regards Rob D
  16. Stolen within the last 24 hours, along with my car: Full set 58 pattern webbing less bayonet frog and pistol holster Mess tins (not that important, frankly, they can be had for peanuts) Folding skeleton bed (1980s issue, replica) Roll mat, issue (genuine) reconditioned 58 pattern sleeping bag Sleevelets, traffic directing, silver/white Tabbard, orange/silver, marked "MILITARY POLICE" Sleevelets and tabbard are in the right ammunition pouch of the webbing. Items were in the boot of the car; car is a Silver Ford Modeo, V59NGY. also insude the car a two-way amateur radio trancei
  17. Dear admirers of military vehicles, I am new to this site and in a few days I will send a more elaborate introduction of myself. For now I wanted to make you all aware of a stolen Willys jeep that may find its way to the UK, and of someone trying to obtain new registration papers or trying to sell it without registration. Last Thursday night, 9th September, my Willys MB 1942 was stolen from a garage in the Netherlands. As these vehicles tend to be transported abroad and offered for sale, I am contacting you in an attempt to recover my jeep. It is a Willys MB 1942 which was overhau
  18. Carried over from the WW2 Forum.... http://www.wwiireenacting.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=46181 Here the list: Bike Harley Davidson 42 WLA Type VIII Number of Identification 42 WLA 61197, this number is also stamped under the seat and on both sides with TP 9 fitted. I had new light brown saddlebags, legshields, black light, windshield, tyrepump, on the tank the later big dataplate with engraved number, US-Army ist written on both sides of the tank, on the windshield is written Military Police, on the scabbard is fitted a T-shovel, a case canvas dispatch, also fitt
  19. The night of July 20 -21 st , criminals broke in at my home and shed . Almost my complete collection of militaria got stolen , among it , my collection of fire arms , machine guns , bazooka M9A1 , helmets , German paratrooper helmet , ammunitions , peaked caps , grenades , equipment and a lot more . A (almost ) complete list is available for who is intrested to help with my search for my goods . This means a very great loss for me , after about 35 years of collecting and spending money to it . So please beware if you're offered nice items at cheap prices , because I handed over a detailed lis
  20. One of our team mates lost this last night guys. Mt 350 STOLEN FROM LEICESTER AREA. 04.OOHRS 25TH AUG Reg number. Reg: L45 PTV Chassis no: 1HD4RLT13RY000424 The two front luggage boxs were not on it. Rear gun box has bung missing Please ring the Police with any info. Don't buy this bike cheap it's NICKED. Would be sold with keys but not V5. Took keys out of the house. Please let me know if you see it, hear of it or are asked to buy it. Cheers Lads Paps
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