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Scorpion GPMG firing solenoid

BRDM Driver

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Does anyone have a picture of the co-ax GPMG mount for the Scorpion showing the firing solenoid?


I have the mount in mine with the Heath-Robinson cocking handle (made from a drawer slider, some steel cable and an old clock spring), it also has the remote trigger but I can't see where a solenoid would even fit.


I came across a mount with a solenoid on at the Cobbaton clear out, but it didn't look like it would fit to my mount.


Nothing is shown in the parts list.

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um confession i own a scorpion GPMG solinoid it fell into my possesion when we were clearing our camp (harewood barracks herford in 94) and was liberated from the tech scrap bin TACK


And you just don't seem to use it much anymore....


Seriously if you do want some beer tokens for it, PM me!

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