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I have an ex-military trailer its a Lolode Vehicle trailer with Sankey Wheels. It has a Lolode Bedford Hubcap, which is the only clue that it is a Lolode trailer.


It is fitted with three 16" wheels and one 15" wheel. The 15" wheel fits very well and it is a Sankey /55 2112 - 15" Nave offset.


I have spent many weeks looking for suitable wheels as there's only 90mm (3" 1/2) of space before the leaf spring so it looks like I need a 5J with Nave-to- low offset.


The 16" wheels are kept away from the leaf springs with washes. This is not good at all.


I know that Lolode (Low Loader Trailer Company Limited) trailers are rare so I am considering selling this to anyone that needs parts.


To get the trailer to a great condition it will need:

* Better hitch

* Welding on the freewheel axle

* Brakes wiring

* Wiring

* Painting

* More suitable wheels


The trailer currently owes me around £450 so I will accept offers around this figure I will also consider selling it in parts.

Please note; other than the hitch and wheels the trailer is original condition.


I have more pictures if required.




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