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Transport Operations Form

Ole Pars

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Clive, Thank You!!

I guess it´s the one I´ve seen before?? It was also missing a corner :-)

I would be very happy if you could make a scan and email it to me or upload it on this forum for others...

GREAT, and thanks a lot..






Did i ever received the document?? Really canr remember now, and now i need it Again:laugh:


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Well, my ambi is now the only original in Denmark. The other one is being chopped up and fittet with special build camper body:cry: BUT the owner is VERY skilled so it WILL be a GREAT 101 - but the ambi´s gone..

I do have the doc I got with the amb but it is damadged and very worn now so I´d love to have a new one.

Clive: GREAT! Cross my fingers!!

David: THANKS - its in the printer:laugh:

Thanks Guys!!

front fynmili2.jpg



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I'll have to win the Lottery and come on a trip! Never did manage to have the 101 and Katy the WC54 together! Another thing I always meant to do. Good news is I was right! She did get a new owner who understands her!The stock pictures you see very often of a 101 ambulance under a tree is her. :D Like the new tyres.

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Yes I know about the "stock" Picture. I´m working very hard to thange that to a more recent one by simply overflooding the internet with new pics:D

The tires are the compromise between safety/off road ability and the fact that I coudnt find new Bar/grips in a decent quality. So the John Craddock rims were bought with the Cooper STT´s and what a difference. I´m no longer scared to death in the wet..

Hey, they even Works great in snow:nut:

Well, you and Katy are very welcome in Denmark:)

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