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webbing for Bedford MW petrol tanks

Danny P

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I want to use the webbing in below picture for attaching the petrol tanks to the brackets. Therefore I have to cut the roll into pieces. I've tried to melt the ends to prevent fraying but it is 100% cotton. Do I need to sew it or can I use a suitable glue?



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Soak the end in a greasy glue such as Areldite. best to get some proper metal end clips and afix those. If they are cotton it is worth soaking them in something like Nikwax cotton proof, stops them absorbing water.



Thanks to all

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Hello Danny,


I used rubber strips on my truck. I have a couple of old petrol tanks and there is bits of rubber on them. Also cotton will hold water against the petrol tank. If the straps are trimmed nicely, once the petrol tanks are fitted the straps can not be seen.






That will also be a good advice, thanks!

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