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Dodge WC Ambulance buying advice please .


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OK...I got no money , no space , no time , but I've been looking at this again : http://www.milweb.net/webverts/24555/

Nearly bought one a couple of years ago but things went seriously wrong for me at the time & I had to back out . Tell me the points for and against living with one and what to look out for .

Thanks guys . D

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Hi Dave,


Things to look for.


Rot around windscreen(bottom corners especially prone).


Rot in Ambulance roof.


Rot in door bottoms.


Filler in body.


Cracks in block,the WC's T-214 is prone to this and sometimes the block will crack but the freeze plugs stay intact.


Missing or non original lights,original headlights are tough to find,but repros are available.


WC parts are generally easy to find,If missing the ambulance specific fittings could be a problem though. Best place I've found for WC parts is http://www.midwestmil.com John is a good guy,his repro parts are superb.


Any other questions feel free to ask.




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Agreed with all the above. Its a bit difficult checking out a vehicle which is in 'foreign parts'. Assume everything that could be wrong with it is, isnt necessarily being too pessimistic/cynical. The inferance is that it is ok so you have to take a chance. Others may know better than me on this one, but I seem to recognise the sellers name as having been involved with other vehicles coming from Norway. Can anyone vouch for the accuracy/honesty of the descriptions given? That could be worth a lot in this situation.

Check the manifold isnt cracked. They can be had, but are not cheap. If it hasnt been looked after then assume the brakes will need at least a very good checking out and at most a complete overhaul/replacement of cylinders etc. If you do buy it 'unseen' then check the fluids are there in all the relevant boxes before you drive it any further than the dockside. It may have driven on/off a boat but that doesnt mean it wil drive more than a few miles without its vital substances! Price doesnt seem too bad at all for a complete running vehicle, if it is all that it is made out to be.

Midwest military is good, but some of the parts are top priced compared to other sources. Vintage Power wagons has loads of wc stuff and many of the consumables such as brake bits I found were cheaper here. Dallas Autos still has to be top of my list though for quick turnaround. They do tend to be a 'pound for a dollar' if you know what i mean, but I also found that after I'd paid for shipping and customs they were about the same price as the USA stuff. But a lot quicker service.


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Thanks for the comments and info guys .

I'm pretty sure that I've seen this particular one advertised at least a couple of times before and it does seem odd that it's not sold if it is as good as the description and really a nice as the pics show - but then stand pretty much anything out in the snow on a bright Sunny day and it's going to look good isn't it ? Maybe it's just the distance / transport that's put people off .

Just for once I am going to be realistic I think .

I have far too many toys in bits right now .

In fact , maybe I just have far too many toys .........

No......That can't be right........... can it ?

Anyway , my accountant seems to think that I might have a bit of pocket money later in the year so I'm going to pass on this one and ask nicely if I can have a sit in one or two as I visit the shows through the season and have a look at what is up for sale and pay very careful attention to the areas you have pointed out .

Once again , thanks and your advice is very much appreciated .


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This is exactly the same set of pictures I was sent by him about 2 years ago when I was first looking seriously for one.I asked for further info and it looked very sad in the further pictures he sent.

He may be either unable to sell it or he may be using the same info to sell others.

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