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Chev CMP/blitz throttle linkage


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I'm hoping someone can help me out here - my uncle is bringing up my C15A in a couple of weeks. It's a rolling (driving) chassis and he doesn't have room or time to load the rest of it. But I would like him to bring the throttle linkage so I can drive it more normal (as in not reaching over controlling the throttle by hand). The problem is I can't remember what all the linkage arms etc. look like. Last time I looked at it I couldn't work it out in fact...


Does anyone have photos of a Chev blitz/CMP throttle linkage they could share? Then I can forward them on to him and get him to pick them out of my parts area. I'll get him to bring a fuel tank too so then I can actually use it around the property!


Here's the restoration blog to explain the context a bit


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