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Early Bofors 40mm carriages

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I wonder if fellow forum members might be able to shed some light on a question which has been niggling me for some months now.


There have recently been some 1/35 scale kits released of the Bofors 40mm L60 on the early rivetted style carriage.


Some of the publicity shots of assembled models show the gun set up with the axles and wheels completely removed.


Now I can see how this was quite normal on the later style carriages with the tubular outriggers, but was it routinely done with the earlier style as well?


It seems to me that it would not be an easy task, what with all the balancing gear inside the frames of the carriage, and the fact that the axles seem to go right through the frame - they are not just clamped underneath as are the ones in the later series platforms.

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The early (pre war) L40 60 had non removable axles. This was a very well designed gun and much superior to the later War time mass produced variant.

The Model 38 was demounted (dropped) useing front and rear axle design but they were a permanant fixture.



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some more this serial number 007







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