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Radios fitted in Pigs BAOR


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Take your pick!







C13/C42 with Remote Control

C13/C45/B47 with two stowed SR No.31, Mk.2, Manpacks

C13/C45/B48 with stowed SR A41 & A42


C42 (12v) ALS

C42/C45/B47 with two SR No 31, Mk 2 Manpacks

C42/C45/B48 with stowed SR A41 & A42


C45/B48 with stowed SR A41 & A42 Manpack



But Jamie I thought you had a Mk 2 in APC role?

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Jamie it is a lot of hard work. Unless you can get original door hatches & the visors it won't look right. I have seen a number of retro conversions over the years, all of them have required much effort & some have been carried out with a high degree of skill far beyond my metal working efforts. But I'm afraid I have never seen one that looked totally convincing.

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IMG_9430.jpgclive due to the fact that all of the front hatches have been cut off , not by me its how i got it , i will be starting from scratch , the only problem would be the prisms on the front hatches , as the side ones that i have seen look like flat plate with a semi circle cut out for viewing , would the be an accurate representation ?

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That's the easy bit. The real give away is when the hatch is opened.




People seem not to don't bother with the splash guard edging (bullets not rain!) & the rimmed enclosure for the rotating aperture closure as this is a casting & difficult fake. Then there is the catch & hatch lever arm to consider.

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I think the Mk 1 front scopes are available Jamie as a friend of mine bought some a little while ago ! I'll ask him where from and let you know ! :-D


Yes they often turn up. No.17 Mk 1 or Mk 3


I always wonder whatever happened to the Mk 2? :-D

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